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Valley Credit Union banking remodel progresses into Phase 2

By Rich Duncan Construction on May 22, 2013 in Announcements, News, Progress Updates

Last week’s selective demolition to the drive-thru at Valley Credit Union “paved” the way for the Rich Duncan Construction crew to begin work on the reconstruction phase this week. The drive-thru needed to be enlarged and updated to better meet the needs of Valley’s members. Once completed (approximately four weeks), the new drive-thru and ATM structure will ensure that member’s use is sheltered from seasonal elements and enhance privacy to members using the drive-up teller line. The drive-thru will be closed during this construction phase for the protection of Valley’s members. Banking hours remain the same and every effort is being made by Rich Duncan Construction and Valley Credit Union to limit the inconvenience to members.

The banking remodel is progresses on schedule from Phase 1 into Phase 2. Phase 1 of the interior remodel and structural improvements was completed at the end of April and ushered in Phase 2 of Valley’s project.  Phase 1 included the entire first floor lending operations center, reception, member lobby, and the new bank entrance. The remodel to the lending operations center greatly increases the privacy of those meeting with loan and/or mortgage officers. Phase 2 of the remodel began with selective demolition to the second floor offices. It continues with necessary structural improvements, updates, and construction to the administrative offices and conference room. Completion for the entire project is set for mid-summer.


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