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Rebranding: Rich Duncan Construction Can Help

Tacoma, WA

McDonald’s Restaurant Remodeled

As time marches forward, everyone knows one thing is for certain: change is inevitable. Fashion trends come and go. Buildings age. Businesses rise and fall. Technology advances. What’s considered “hot” one day can be “not” the very next. Time shows no mercy to any industry, invention, or trend. Time also takes no prisoners and therefore every entrepreneur knows that changing with the times is a part of continued success.

Take for example this McDonald’s restaurant circa 1950. In its time, the building met the needs of those who frequented the business. The building wasn’t aging, it was in its prime. The branding was new and fresh.


What about this building? Looks fairly similar in its style and branding, right? YES! More than five decades separate these buildings, but they appear quite similar in style. THIS is where Rich Duncan Construction, Inc. brings in their expertise and knowledge.


McDonald’s restaurants in the Pacific Northwest are undergoing a rebranding program to their locations and our crews are part of that team. Transforming these buildings and branding these locations for a better fit in today’s business industry, this iconic restaurant trusts Rich Duncan Construction and their team to be a part of this. However, the interior/exterior remodel to the Tacoma Lakewood McDonald’s will be slightly different as this location is set to retain more of the 1950’s style feel. Preserving the history of this era yet incorporating the current feel of McDonald’s restaurants is crucial to the goal of this remodel and needs the right team. Rich Duncan Construction has stepped up to be just what this project needs to meet these expectations.

The remodel will take approximately eight weeks for completion and our crews work around the customers and employees as construction progresses. Did you know that the remodels to the McDonald’s restaurants occur during business hours? Daily operations for every location must remain as scheduled and we work to create as little inconvenience and interruption as possible. In addition, safety for everyone is the highest priority, from customers to employees to our construction crews.

Check back for progress photos and updates. Leave your comments and let us know what you think about rebranding and the 1950’s style of this location versus the newly updated restaurants.

After all, we know that trends come and go…what’s your preference?


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