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Providing the Structure for Outstanding Performance

Why Rich Duncan?


With over 25 years of experience in commercial building, Rich Duncan Construction, Inc provides the structure for outstanding performance on every project.

Our vast experience in all facets of construction make us uniquely qualified to handle all building needs at every stage of the construction process from design build to project close out.

We view every project as an opportunity to partner with an owner to help meet not only their building needs, but to assist in creating success for the future of their business. We develop and maintain a relationship of trust with honesty and integrity as our core values. We treat each project and client with respect and importance, being sure to listen to and meet all needs at every stage of the project. Upon successful completion of a building project, our business relationship continues through newsletters, holiday greetings, cards to note momentous occasions, and a one-year walk-through. Our company prides itself on creating a sense of “you’re more than just a job” to our team. When partnering with us, our clients can be assured that they are partnering with us not only to serve their building needs, but to serve the community they live in. We are a company focused not only on the projects and clients we are working on, but ways in which the revenue generated can provide resources to use in community service.

Our long list of satisfied clients demonstrates that we have developed our reputation as a quality firm. Our ability to bring together the right team for each project gives each building project the opportunity for successful completion. We leave no unanswered questions, take the time to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, and maintain constant communication during every stage of the building process. Our pricing is competitive and the attention we give to each project proves our commitment to the success of each client, their business, and their future.

Rich Duncan, Rich Duncan Construction
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